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What is Reiki? PDF Print E-mail

Reiki originates in Japan and is a natural energy healing system that uses variable frequency energy to heal. The energy is electromagnetic in nature and can work on any level: physical, emotional and spiritual.

What we term today as Reiki was traditionally known as 'The Usui System of Natural Healing' or Usui-do (The Way Of Usui), discovered by Mikao Usui in the 1900s but today is used to encompass a whole range of energy healing systems. Reiki is a Japanese term actually consisting of two words with varying interpretations:

Rei- Universal energy outside all living things, the highest spiritual consciousness, God's highest power, has a frequency of 7,200 cps or higher.

Ki- Life force energy, inside all living things, surrounds all living things, lower frequency than Rei energy. Ki as believed in many Eastern traditions needs to flow freely throughout the body. If we have an emotional trauma or a physical illness we acquire a blockage. This disturbs the path of the energy through our bodies and we develop an illness. The healthier someone is the more Ki they will have flowing through their body.

Reiki works to heal the energy blockages in the body and restore the body back to health, along with healing emotional traumas and basically balancing the mind, body and soul. Reiki can be used on any condition and is also a path to spiritual enlightenment if you choose to develop yourself in that way.

Reiki is passed on by the Reiki Master to the student by means of attunements or empowerments. This enables the student to access and use the energy.

Reiki is non intrusive hands on healing and is both effective and pleasant.