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How Does Reiki Work? PDF Print E-mail

Reiki is simple in its theory and in its practice, yet it is limitless in its potential. The energy used in Reiki is made up of Universal energy and Ki energy (or Chi in Chinese). Reiki symbols are used to allow varying frequencies of energy to  be applied.

Reiki can be used either as a passive or an active form of healing.

Passive healing

When used passively, the Reiki practitioner acts purely as a channel for the energy, allowing the energy to be channeled with no input into the frequency or amplitude and without focus or intention. The idea of this is to allow the body to heal itself slowly  and balance the body over a period of time. This form of passive healing does not treat specific conditions. If you would just like some relaxation then it is fine  but it is not using Reiki in the most effective way. 

Active healing

When used actively, the Reiki practitioner uses intention and visualization to direct the  frequency and amplitude and effect of the energy to work directly on the condition  being treated. This is the method we use as Reiki healers, and the method we teach on our courses. It allows us to treat conditions more effectively because we deal with  what the immediate issues are, whether they be emotional or physical and work on those directly. We work on healing the other problems once the ones of immediate  importance are dealt with.

Reiki healing can be used to treat all ailments, however difficult and severe some may  seem. The result may not always be what is wanted, but is always what is needed. The only limitation tends to be the Reiki practitioner's self-belief and willingness to use Reiki.