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Are Reiki Courses Or Treatments Better? PDF Print E-mail

Both Reiki treatments and Reiki courses are wonderful experiences that are are highly beneficial to the student or recipient of Reiki. To achieve good results with healing you may only need one treatment or a few Reiki treatments, it really depends on the condition being dealt with and the severity of the problem, be it emotional, physical or spiritual.

If it is likely that someone will need many treatments it is really much better for them to take a Reiki course as this will empower them and enable them to heal themselves on a regular basis, rather than relying on a practitioner. Additionally with  Reiki courses the student is connected to the Universe and so will have a constant supply of universal energy to heal themselves as well as being able to move further along their higher path. 

We offer mini Reiki courses for those who wish to purely work on healing and developing themselves, rather than becoming Reiki practitioners. We would prefer if someone requires many treatments that they take a course, as this way they are taking responsibility for their own well being and are able to continually self heal and take greater steps in developing their universal and self awareness.