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Reiki Facts From Fiction PDF Print E-mail
Some people say that Reiki was re-discovered by Mikao Usui. Reiki is not a re-discovered healing art. There were many different forms of healing prior to Reiki and there continue to be many different forms of healing today. Reiki as we know it was a gift given to Mikao Usui because of his path in the universe. Reiki uniquely uses symbols which allow you to match the frequency of a condition with the frequency of the energy you use to heal.
Reiki is a healing art that was discovered by Mikao Usui in the early 1900s, we do not have an exact date but we do know that Mikao Usui embarked upon a retreat of fasting and praying upon Mount Kurama in Japan. On the 21st day he was given Reiki by God or The Universe (whichever terminology you prefer). In his own handwritten documents, Usui Sensei has said “The Usui Reiki Therapy is something no one before has discovered and bears no comparison with any other treatment in the world.
It is often announced that Reiki has origins in various different countries and that the symbols have been found on Tibetan walls or in China or India. Reiki is Japanese. The Tibetans have denied all knowledge of Reiki and Reiki symbols. Tibetan Reiki originates in the United States. All that is needed are the symbols provided by Usui, which work perfectly as they stand. When you are healing someone, sometimes you will be guided to use new symbols, but these are specific to the person you are treating and should not be used on everyone else as well.
Reiki is a Japanese healing art and the Reiki symbols are of Japanese origin. 
Many claim that the Reiki symbols are just a focus for intent. They see them as training wheels to give the student something to focus on which once they become proficient at healing can be respectfully discarded. 
The Reiki symbols are an integral part of the healing process. Without the symbols all the healer will be doing is passively channeling energy into their clients without regard for the conditions that need treating. 

If you have practiced Reiki for a long time and you can vary the frequency of the energy intuitively without using the Reiki symbols and their colours, then you can work without them. However for most people they will need to use the Reiki symbols to ensure that they are meeting the client’s needs and using Reiki to it’s full potential. If the symbols are not used properly you will merely be offering spiritual healing which works at a much slower rate and is not really Reiki at all.

The Reiki symbols have a specific frequency allowing you to channel energy at the correct frequency to treat specific conditions. The shape and colour of the symbol you use defines the frequency and amplitude of the energy you use to heal. It has been demonstrated scientifically that various body parts and functions operate at a certain frequency as they work on electromagnetic signals, so it makes sense that when we heal we should use the correct frequency to counteract a condition. 
A student of Hayashi explained this very same thing in an article written in 1928 “I have experienced/researched some treatments but Reiki is the best as far as I know. Reiki is the most unique and the most effective, it can really heal any disease………when my hands with activated blood are put on the patient's body, I think my blood vibration may promote the patient's blood vibration. Blood current, vibration may become the same” ("A Treatment to Heal Diseases, Hand Healing" by Shouoh Matsui in the magazine "Sunday Mainichi", Mar. 4, 1928). It is also worth noting that the frequencies of the symbols may clash so they should always be used separately unless guided for a specific healing by intuition.
Some say that you can show the Reiki symbols to anyone and it does not matter who sees them because no harm will come of it. As mentioned before the symbols and their mantras invoke a certain kind of energy. Although in Reiki we use energy for good others may use it for harm so the symbols need to be protected. You should always treat the symbols with respect.
The Reiki symbols have a sacred geometry and should be respected and not shown to anyone who has not learned Reiki level 1 and 2. The symbol's geometry evokes a certain kind of energy. If someone untrained in Reiki attempts to use the Reiki symbols they may damage themselves or someone else by playing around with them. Out of respect for the founder of Reiki Mikao Usui and to protect yourself and others you should not show anyone the Reiki symbols, unless they are a qualified Reiki practitioner.