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Reiki FAQs

What Is Your Reiki Lineage?

Our Reiki Lineage is:
Dr Mikao Usui
Dr Chujiro Hayashi
Mrs Hawayo Takata
Bethal Phaigh
William L Rand
Allan J Sweeney
Andy Chrysostomou
Dawn Mellowship
Dr Mikao Usui
Kanichi Taketomi
Ms Koyama
Hiroshi Doi
Allan J Sweeney
Andy Chrysostomou
Dawn Mellowship


What Is A Reiki Lineage?

Reiki lineage refers to the line of Reiki Masters that leads to the student. For traditional Reiki the line begins with Dr Usui, and continues with one of his Reiki Masters, and then to one of theirs and so it continues. For a healing system to be called Reiki and be recognized as such, the lineage must trace back to Mikao Usui.

Can Anyone Learn Reiki?

It has been found that 96 out of every 100 students that take a Reiki course will be able to use Reiki energy for healing. I believe that anyone that feels they need to learn Reiki will be able to use Reiki energy, even if in some cases it means having a little extra tuition and practice time. 

Can Therapists Used Reiki With Other Treatments?

Reiki works well with any form of healing treatment. Reiki enhances the benefits of the therapists existing form of healing. Clients usually feel the difference in the treatment they are receiving and often therapists offer Reiki healing as an additional treatment. 

What Are The Benefits of Reiki?

Reiki has many benefits, both in a physical way and in a spiritual way. Once attuned, the flow of Reiki energy gives continuous healing to the individual, on every level. Self healing on a regular basis increases the flow, and the beneficial effects of the Reiki energy. Generally, people tend to feel much less stressed,  more energized and much more focused. Life seems clearer, and life's purpose is more apparent. Reiki is a life changing event, the start of a spiritual journey of self discovery and enlightenment. Reiki gives the gift of attaining happiness.

Why Do A Combined Reiki 1 & 2 Course?

When a student is attuned to Reiki, whether on a short course over one or two days or on a longer course over many weeks, a cleansing and healing process takes place over a period  of time. This is called the "21 day cleansing process" or the " Reiki healing crisis" and lasts as long as each individual needs. The more self-healing is done over this time, the easier and shorter the process is. Reiki Level 1 does not actually teach Reiki healing using the Usui symbols, only Rei healing (spiritual healing) is taught. Reiki Level 2 teaches healing for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions, allowing the student to heal themselves much more effectively during (and after) the cleansing process. This is much closer to the way Mikao Usui taught Reiki. 

What Are Reiki Attunements?

Reiki attunements are adjustments made by the Reiki Master to the students energy body to connect to the source of the energy and allow the flow of energy from the Universe into the student. This allows the student to heal using the Reiki energy and to develop themselves on every level to fulfill their higher path. Once attuned, the student has a direct connection to the Highest Consciousness. 
These are not to be confused with Reiju empowerments or empowerments. Reiju empowerments  bring you closer to the source of energy a little at a time where as the Reiki attunements offer a direct connection. Originally Mikao Usui taught his students on an ongoing regular basis so it made perfect sense to give them Reiju empowerments generally on a weekly basis, raising their frequency a little at a time as they learn Reiki. 
For those students that he taught on short courses (as people are taught in the Western World) the Reiki attunements were used as a direct and immediate connection to the source of the energy. 

What Is The Difference Between Western And Japanese Reiki?

Japanese Reiki is much more intuitive and genuinely spiritual, in line with Japanese culture.  Western Reiki has, in many of its forms, had some of the spiritual teachings removed and replaced with a mix of pseudo-spiritual and non-Japanese concepts. The other main difference is that Japanese Reiki is used as a means of treating illnesses and illnesses directly, whereas Western Reiki is often used as a relaxation therapy or as a means of balancing the 'chakras'. 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a natural form of energy healing, using varying frequencies of energy to heal at all  levels. Energy is channeled  by the practitioner and directed through the hands to wherever it is needed. Developed by Mikao Usui after his enlightenment on Mount Kurama, Reiki has spread throughout the world as a respected form of healing used by many millions of people, and many hospitals and clinics.